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School Book Shops in Jamshedpur

School Book Shops

Bookstores may be either part of a chain, or local independent bookstores.

Bookstores can range in size offering from several hundred to several hundred thousands of titles. They may be brick-and-mortar stores or internet only stores or a combination of both. Sizes for the larger bookstores exceed half a million titles.

Bookstores often sell other printed matter besides books, such as newspapers, magazines and maps; additional product lines may vary enormously, particularly among independent bookstores. Colleges and universities often have their own student bookstore on campus that focuses on providing course textbooks and scholarly books, although some on-campus bookstores are owned by large chains.

Listing of School Book Shops in Jamshedpur
Nigam Old Book Store 
Contact Person : Vijay Shukla
Address : Near Old Court Sakchi Jamshedpur - 831001, Jharkhand
Phone : -
Mobile : 9304616700
Fax : -
E-mail : -
Website : -

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